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Exyt/Mon All Natural Skincare Products

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Service 1

Feel amazing when you try Exyt/Mon all natural all over body butta and oils, also try the suga and salt scrub. 

Let our team of professionals provide you the services that grants you full control and flexibility of your not having to leave your home to go to the spa.. No more waiting in line. We bring you the Royal treatment that you have worked long and hard for......Now, book your Massage with the option of getting you house cleaned while a Licensed hairstylist does your hair.

Service 2

Now you tell me what could go better with having your haircare needs address, along with your skincare needs. we know in todays society healthy hair and healthy skin is a must.

Annette Wilson

U Got it Maid Cleaning Services has been in business since 1997 servicing  the Chicagoland region. We have  over 1000s of satisfied customers. That would be happy to hear of Our new services we now provide this year 2016.Not only will we clean for you top to bottom. We will give you the option of being pampered while we clean.