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Exyt/Mon All Natural Skincare Products

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Our Story

Exyt/Mon  All Natural Skincare the healthy way to treat your skin. We focus  on home , health, beauty, and wellness.

U GOT IT MAID Cleaning Services has been around since 1997. Our goals is to provide you the best services with quality and affordability. My name is Annette Wilson I am CEO of U GOT IT MAID Cleaning Services, and I'm also a  Licensed Massage Therapist. I have a Massage Company called Myo X Tension Massage Spa .The name Myo X Tension is an extension of  U GOT IT MAID Cleaning Services. and although U GOT IT MAID Cleaning Services is a separate business both services can be combined .  It has now become bridged in 2016 as a dual entity. The products I use for your massage to take care of your skincare needs. I developed  a remarkable skincare product it is all Natural for healthy beautiful skin, try Exyt/Mon it is a skin detoxifying treatment  that leaves your skin looking youthful, beautiful and more importantly....healthy. Exyt/Mon treats all kind of skin types. My mission is to provide customers with the best services with the choice to come to my Spa location, or an option to receive spa treatment at your home,. while you get your house cleaned. I have a online store for all of your skincare needs. You may book appt. by dialing 8558466243 that's 855UGOMAID.

our services

Give yourself a break. It takes only a few hours to relieve yourself from a week's worth of stress. When you visit us, not only will you be able to indulge in a pampering massage therapy, get your house cleaned, but you will also find natural skincare products that will keep your skin looking youthful and glowing.

What could be more satisfying than having your home, health and beauty needs from one single provider? At Exyt/Mon All Natural Skincare Products in Chicago, ILLINIOS, we bring you the top first- rate services and products from the comfort and luxury of your home that you so rightly deserve.

Relax, Leave Everything in Our Hands

We Understand that after a tiring day at the office, the last thing that you want to do is come home and clean the house. We offer maid and cleaning services to save you from the hassle of keeping your home neat and tidy at all times. 

Why Us?

U Got It Maid Cleaning Services truly stands out apart from others Cleaning companies. When we come to you to Clean. We offer you the best of our staffed licensed Professionals. We have License Massage therapist and Licensed Hair stylist services while you get your house cleaned.

What better way to treat yourself, by leaving your TLC to a trusted reliable source. If your House is a Mess.....Don't distress!!! Remember U Got It Maid!!!